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Thickest sole protector available

We provide the best products to our customers. The SGSOLESHIELDS Universal Sole Protector is the thickest, translucent, self adhesive film available in the market right now.


In-built traction

We know of products that requires additional traction pads, because of how slippery their sole protectors are. With SGSOLESHIELDS Universal Sole Protector, you can do away with that since our material has built-in traction, which gives you ease of mind even when walking on slippery surfaces.

More bang for your buck

As shoe lovers ourselves, we know the kind of wear and tear that happens to our soles. Hence, SGSOLESHIELDS is providing an extra piece of sole protector, so customers can create custom reinforcement, in areas more prone to wear.



Shielded to Last

SGSOLESHIELDS has made a name showcasing precise workmanship using quality sole shields. Tyler, founder of SGSOLESHIELDS is proud to have rescued and preserved over 2,000 pairs of shoes with over 300 different models.  As a shoe fanatic, he and his team walk the talk ensuring that every pair that comes in is shielded to last.


SGSOLESHIELDS has become synonymous with quality, offering our first-rate products and exceptional service to shoppers from all over the world.


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