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Shielded to Last

SGSOLESHIELDS has made a name showcasing precise workmanship using quality sole shields. Tyler, founder of SGSOLESHIELDS is proud to have rescued and preserved over 2,000 pairs of shoes with over 300 different models.  As a shoe fanatic, he and his team walk the talk ensuring that every pair that comes in is shielded to last.

The company had its simple beginnings from Tyler’s personal pursuit of prolonging the life of his prized possession – sneakers. The initial love of basketball was what got Tyler into sneakers. With the athleisure trend, his personal collection has moved beyond Air Jordans.

During his quest for a perfect solution in protecting the soles of his footwear, he realised that there were many products available in the market to protect the uppers of shoes but there was a definite lack of professionals or products available to protect soles.

Any shoe aficionado will know that finding a good pair of sole protectors is not easy. Having researched and personally tried a whole range of sole protectors, SGSOLESHIELDS is confident to release one under its brand. Those who want to try their hand at protecting their prized shoes are able to do so now.

Try it for yourself, today!

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