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Why Sole Shields

Everything needs protection, that's why

Wear and tear happens to everything we own, from mobile phones to apparel. That is why we purchase additional protective gear/ items to protect our precious items. The same goes for your beloved pair of shoes. Gone are the days where you worry wearing your shoes too often with fear of ruining and thinning your soles.  With SGSOLESHIELDS Universal Sole Protector, you can wear your favourite shoes to your hearts content whilst keeping the soles clean and fresh.

Go ahead, run, jump, with sole shields on. Being the thickest in the market right now, there is no need to worry about wearing down these shields that easily. 


Fear of falling and slipping? We've got you covered. Our sole shields come with in-built traction that are of superior grip, every step you take will feel as though those shields aren't there and the grip of the pads will keep you from falling.


SGSOLESHIELDS Universal Sole Protector will be your best investment in protecting and extending the life of the soles of your favourite footwear.

Still not convinced? Contact us today and ask away!


Need help with sole shield installation? Click here!

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